Cancer: June 22 – July 22

Crystals and stones for the Cancer zodiac sign

Cancer is a zodiac sign that seeks security, closeness and love. They are generous, emotional and care about their family and close friends. Cancers can be very sensitive and easily influenced by other people, therefore they need positive feedback and to feel affirmed. The contact with the emotions, the water element and closeness to one's own emotions is the important thing in the life of the zodiac sign Cancer. Then they are caring, generous and have a big hug for their loved ones. A Cancer is at its best when it creates, beautifies and redecorates its home so that family and friends can enjoy and feel good there. The support and love to and from the closest group is the driving force in Cancer's life, then the Cancer's artistic ability can blossom. Cancer can also feel strongly influenced by the moon. The challenge for a Cancer is to find clear water, not lose perspective and not be identified or stuck in their feelings.

The zodiac sign of Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by the moon.

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Gratitude for life is the hallmark of the rainbow moonstone. When Cancer is in touch with its emotional life and feels safe, happiness and bliss are close. It is where all Cancers yearn and in the feeling of gratitude for all the small and big events of life, the Cancers can land and live out their full potential of love and generosity.

Attributes: Bliss, GODDESS POWER, MIRACLE.

The rainbow moonstone's magical and life-affirming energy puts you in touch with
feelings of anticipation or ardently wishing for something from the heart. The rainbow moonstone gives us meaning and experience of how fate and providence awaken us and help us feel
gratitude! is a stone of the inner power. It supports you to reawaken and stay in touch with your innate feminine energy (regardless of gender).

This is rainbow moonstone: Rainbow moonstone is a feldspar and sibling to labradorite and spectrolite. It has a fabulous blue shimmer that can change to colorful rainbows.

Zodiac signs: Cancer
Chakras: All
Menstrual stone: June


Carnelian is a good stone for Cancers as it gives us energy to anchor ourselves in ourselves and listen to our gut, our feelings and what we need. The sensitivity of the Cancer star sign and the fact that it cares so much about everyone else and the group, can make it listen more to the feelings of others than its own. The world and people are not a newborn baby whose needs must be listened to, Cancer is its own person with its own needs and feelings. Listen to them!

Carnelian is a stone of creativity, courage and strength. It helps the zest for life to flourish and reach its creative potential. It helps us gather ourselves, get in touch with our gut and listen to where our own power is going. It can be worn as protection during pregnancy. When negative patterns create unequal and codependent relationships, you can meditate or wear carnelian. It is a good stone for action from our own truth. Carnelian protects against jealousy, fear and hatred and helps us release sadness and sorrow. It helps us see the connection between emotional states and our inner Self. The message it conveys is: Live your love and lust!

This is Carnelian: Carnelian is a quartz and often comes from India. The difference between orange agate and carnelian is that the agate has circles and stripes in the stone, while the carnelian should be more smooth.

Zodiac Sign: All Fire Signs: Leo, Aries and Taurus and Water Sign Cancer
Chakras: Umbilical


Mother of pearl gives us the energy of the embracing and protective mother. She comforts us and holds us when it feels difficult and supports us to soften in the face of life's challenges. Pick out your inner light and let it shine! Your wisdom is the strength in all adversity.


Pearls are stars born from the depths of the ocean. It brings spiritual guidance, sincerity and truth to situations that need it. Pearls and mother of pearl symbolize purity, honesty and innocence. Mother of pearl is said to support intuition, empathy and the experience of oneness with everything. The pearl gives us hope that spiritual wounds can be healed into inner shimmering wisdom. The pearl is like the problems in life which later turned out to be a blessing. Through wisdom we benefit from our challenges.

These are pearls and mother-of-pearl: Mother-of-pearl is the protection that the snail creates on the inside of its shell to protect its delicate body. The pearl is created by the snail when a grain of sand enters between the shells and rubs the snail itself.

Month stone : June
Zodiac signs: Cancer and Gemini
Chakras: cheer up


The Moon is the planet of Cancer and the power of the Moon is close to Cancer's being. Marveling in the glow of the full moon and having loved ones around is the height of happiness for a person born in the Cancer zodiac sign. A Cancer may need to anchor himself in his emotional life and not be swallowed up by the feelings of others. The Moonstone wants to support Cancer to maintain closeness to its own emotional life.


The moonstone reminds us of the quiet power of patience and waiting in confidence. It gets its name from the moon light that guides us at night. Just like the moon and like your inner wisdom, the moonstone reflects back the light that falls on it in a beautiful and magical shimmer. The nature of the moonstone is receptivity and acceptance, to observe in silence the events of life, the changes of the seasons, the movement of the day between night and day. It watches over you and illuminates the darkness so you can find your way home. The moonstone protects us in the different cycles of life. It is often used as a talisman for fertility and pregnancy, helping us navigate night and day, the cycles of nature and the mystery of life. Moonstone is available as white, black, gray and peach. The peach color stands for fertility, the white for the full moon and the moonlight (a cycle becomes complete) and the black for the new moon or black moon (when you can start new projects).

This is the moonstone: Moonstone is a feldspar and sibling to rainbow moonstone, labradorite, sunstone and amazonite. The earth's crust consists of up to 40% feldspar, but it takes special circumstances for a shimmering moonstone to form. A fine moonstone has like an "eye" or line of light when the light falls on the polished stone.

Menstrual stone: June
Zodiac signs: Crayfish
Chakras: navel, heart, crown

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