Intentions and Crystals

All crystals carry a message for us, if we will listen and absorb their love. Of course, we can only enjoy colors, shapes, patterns and the miracles of nature just as they are too. We at the Crystal Room believe that the crystals are happy with all the attention. ūüėĄ

We have combined several crystals and stones in a piece of jewelry or in a gift bag so that they enhance and "work" together for your good. Each piece of jewelry comes with a small ceremony that you can perform to make the piece yours and truly find the right affirmation and focus for you. Find an intention that suits you here.

Just your unique intention

To bring out what you really want and what is true for you in the reality you live in, it is good to write down everything you want to change in your life. Then you select what you think is absolutely most important. Then formulate a target image of what it should be like if that particular thing were good. Then you formulate your intention as if IT HAD ALREADY HAPPENED. See yourself a year in the future, how do you look, how do you feel? What are you wearing and what are you doing? Establishing one's goals and intentions is an important foundational job for feeling content with one's life. You need to know where you are going and how to navigate your life's journey. That's when you get ahead.

"When you make a choice, you change the future."
‚ÄĒ Deepak Chopra

Support each other's intentions in a group

If you have the opportunity, you can gather your best friends and make a group to boost each other's dreams and call down blessings for each one. It is powerful to have a group of people who support each other. it becomes a powerful community and the angels really listen.

It is enough to tell your wish and your affirmation or your intention. An affirmation needs to be formulated so that the energy is really felt. It should feel like what you want has already happened. You should feel that it is possible and that there is energy in it. An intention is not like an ordinary wish, it is an arrow into the future that guides you and pulls you forward. That's when the dream comes true, when you move in that direction.

When you have told your intention and received feedback on it from the group, the group says a prayer for you. It might sound like this:

If you can get together once a month and do this for each other, you will be a great support. Feel free to email us your questions about this

With love

Vanya / The Crystal Room

The key to success is to start before you're ready.‚ÄĚ
"Just keep going, learn from failure."
‚Äē Marie Forleo

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