Kyanite, blue

Motivation, stillness of being, communication

Kyanite symbolizes the stillness of being. It is a stone especially for the third eye (Brow Chakra) and the throat. It stimulates and facilitates meditation and it helps us persevere in activities that would normally leave us tired and low on energy. Kyanite allows us to communicate with ourselves and find both motivation and energy within ourselves for our endurance.

Kyanite also has the ability to support us in communicating with our energy guides. It can be angels, devas, goblins and goblins or gods, goddesses or the collective consciousness. That which can help you see clearly, support you to understand, that which has an overview.

Hold the kyanite in your hand and speak out loud, directly to the energies of the universe. Formulate your questions, tell your whole story and wait for an answer. Keep your patience and your openness. Maybe you fall asleep with the crystal in your hand. It is OK. it may take time to get a response. Be aware of signs and keep opening up.

Chakra: Throat and Forehead

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