Leo: July 23 – August 22

Crystals and stones for the zodiac sign of Leo

For the lion, it is very important to feel good and a Leo who does that radiates to those around him. She has a big heart, has a sense of humor, is generous and stands up for and protects those closest to her. The lion also has great creative power, charisma and obvious leadership qualities. But if the Leo is not feeling well or is out of balance, he can be very focused only on himself, lethargic and passive and arrogant. A Leo who is not collected and present can also be very sensitive and easily offended. Leo is a fire sign and wants to convey inspiration and positivity to other people. Since the Lion is always visible, it is important that he receives positive attention. To be able to do that, it is important for the Leo to maintain balance in his life, know himself and understand his underlying driving forces.

The zodiac sign of Leo is a fire sign and is ruled by the sun, which is not a planet but a star.
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The ruby ​​gives the Leo the support he needs to allow his creativity and inner fire. The lion has a given place on the stage of life and that is precisely something that the lion loves and is proud of. The ruby ​​supports the Leo to take new steps and not give up when it feels like he has everything against him.

The ruby's message is that nothing is too good for you. Let the ruby ​​remind you of your vitality and your passion. Rubin is for those who want to take a seat! Let your dreams make the world a better place to be in. The ruby ​​is also about owning, not least your sexuality and meeting your partner maturely.

This is ruby: The ruby ​​is a corundum, a hard mineral and a gemstone in the same family as sapphire, star sapphire and star ruby. The finer gemstone is transparent and the slightly cheaper variant is opaque and since it has a six-pointed star in it, it is also very desirable on the jewelery market. The ruby, also called carbuncle, is mentioned in the Bible and is considered to be one of the twelve stones on the breastplate mentioned in the Old Testament. Hildegard of Bingen believed that it was protective against the devil and various diseases.

Zodiac signs: Lion
Chakras: Root, Earth Star chakra
Month stone: July


Pyrite enhances Leo's fiery, sparkling, charismatic and luminous personality. The lion and the pyrite glitter in a race, but the lion wins. Or how all lions, surely it is? The pyrite helps the lion to maintain its amazing positivity in all situations and brings out the lion's ability to stand on stage and perform.

Pyrite reminds us of the sun and the radiant power of the soul, it fills your aura with positive vibrations and acts as a shield against negativity. Pyrite also helps you to have an easygoing and present attitude around money so that you can create a healthy economy for yourself. Pyrite is a stone of protection. Wear it when you are on a dangerous mission or when you are surrounded by negative energy.

This is pyrite: Pyrite is also called cat's gold and the mineral is called pyrite. It is a common mineral in the soil, it is found in Sweden and all over the world. The most beautiful clusters come from Peru and Spain.

Zodiac: All fire signs: Leo, Aries and Sagittarius
Chakras: Solar plexus


Carnelian is a good stone for Leos as it gives us energy to anchor ourselves in ourselves and listen to our gut, our feelings and what we need. The zodiac sign Leo needs to anchor his fire in his belly and land in security and closeness to himself. The Leo needs to listen to his feelings, his insecurities and his own needs and feelings.

Carnelian is a stone of creativity, courage and strength. It helps the zest for life to flourish and reach its creative potential. It helps us gather ourselves, get in touch with our gut and listen to where our own power is going. It can be worn as protection during pregnancy. When negative patterns create unequal and codependent relationships, you can meditate or wear carnelian. It is a good stone for action from our own truth. Carnelian protects against jealousy, fear and hatred and helps us release sadness and sorrow. It helps us see the connection between emotional states and our inner Self. The message it conveys is: Live your love and lust!

This is Carnelian: Carnelian is a quartz and often comes from India. The difference between orange agate and carnelian is that the agate has circles and stripes in the stone, while the carnelian should be more smooth.

Zodiac Sign: All Fire Signs: Leo, Aries and Taurus and Water Sign Cancer
Chakras: Umbilical


Lapis lazuli is a stone that reminds us of the eternal, the boundless sky and the universe and it goes well with the proud nature of the lion. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of wisdom which is an energy that the lion has everything to gain by seeking support in. The proud but humble lion wins in the long run.

Properties: MYSTICISM, MEDITATION, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE are watchwords for lapis lazuli. It helps us to find esoteric and mystical knowledge and that it also enhances our wisdom so that we can understand this knowledge. It also stands for focus, freedom, being able to think outside the box, protection (especially of the feminine) and is a door opener to other dimensions and inner vision. Lapis lazuli is said to strengthen inner vision, meditation and a deep understanding of man.

This is Lapis Lazuli: Originally an Arabic name, Lapis Lazuli has given its name to the color azure. The stone comes from Afghanistan, by Lake Baikal or from Chile. The most beautiful lapis lazuli comes from Afghanistan. It should be intense blue and preferably have small pyrite crystals in it that sparkle like gold. Lapis Lazuli has been ground and used in paints. Lapis lazuli is said to have existed since the dawn of time. It should help us to find esoteric and mystical knowledge and also to strengthen our wisdom so that we can understand the knowledge we are given.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Chakra: Throat and Forehead

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