Purple for contact with the higher consciousness

The purple crystals and stones vibrate for spirituality. The violet frequency is fast and has a high energy.

Being in contact with the purple frequency within us can be experienced in different ways. Bliss, inner ecstasy, that you bathe in an explained shimmer, you get answers to all the questions you ask either from yourself or from people or events around you.
The purple stones help you become aware that you are "in touch" with the forces and abilities within you that you need. A sense of control that is not based on you trying to control and control situations where you should not control and control, but a relaxed affirmation and an active acceptance of the nature of things.

High energies

Often we forget to be present in the meaningfulness with which life surrounds us. The purple stones want to help you to this presence - to be aware of the opportunities to live your life fully that you are given every day.
The amethyst, charoite and sugulite open you to the "helicopter perspective". To see things from above and gain a healthy distance from everyday events and conflicts. Realizing that there is no need for more upset feelings, indignation or sentimentality can be a step in the right direction.
High energies need to be cultivated. In order to connect with your higher self, be able to lift yourself above everyday worries and gain perspective, you need power, strength, love, acceptance and self-awareness. The high energies are an existential flower - self-realization and refinement in all areas of life.

Purple stones: Amethyst, sugulite, charoite, lepidolite, fluorite and purple mist.

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