Menstrual stones

About monthly stones and monthly pendants

The moonstones represent a profound symbolism – they reflect our unique selves that have come to earth with a special purpose: to evolve into our very best selves. Each stone for a specific month is believed to vibrate at a unique frequency that is specifically tuned to support and harmonize with the specific time period it represents. These stones offer not only aesthetic beauty, but also a spiritual resonance that reflects and amplifies the qualities and energies that are particularly prominent during that particular month.

Here you will find Kristallrummet's popular month stones in silver and gold-plated silver. Moonstones have been around for thousands of years in stories of our faith and spirituality. Each month is represented by a gemstone. Here we present moonstones from the European, Swedish and American tradition.

All pendants are approx. 15 mm high and 8 mm wide. The moonstones are set in sterling silver (925) or in gold-plated (18k) silver. They are mounted on a small card with information.

Month Gems - Gems for each month

Gemstones have been combined with months and zodiac signs in many different traditions across the globe. The European, Swedish and American tradition of moonstones is said to have originated in the Indian tradition of moonstones.

The months and their crystals:

January month stone: Garnet
February stone of the month: Amethyst
March stone of the month: Aquamarine
April stone of the month: Rock crystal
May month stone: Emerald
June monthstone: Moonstone & Rainbow Pattern
July stone of the month: Ruby
August stone of the month: Peridot
September stone of the month: Iolite and sapphire
October month stone: Rose quartz and tourmaline
November stone of the month: Citrine and imperial topaz
December stone of the month: Blue topaz and turquoise

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