Mother's Day

Celebrate all mothers and celebrate the mother in you - soon it will be Mother's Day (26/5-24).

Why should we celebrate Mother's Day? The question is perhaps unnecessary to ask, but here you will find some reasons and lots of nice gift suggestions.

It's not just the children who should celebrate Mother's Day, it's also a day that you, who are a mother or want to be a mother, can celebrate yourself. Celebrating yourself can sometimes be the biggest and most important thing. You get to be the center of your own attention. It is a day when you can think about and realize what is important to you, what you would wish for if you only had one wish. If it's hard to come up with or choose, you can always ask the stones and do a Crystal Reading!

Your inner mother

Mom is not only the person who always has love for you, she has also followed your development over the years. That alone is something to celebrate!

Just as the earth also loves all her children, your mother loves you. Despite all the different ages you've gone through, she's been there, as best she could. Whether you have a biological mother or not, you may have a person in your life who has filled that role. Taking the time to show gratitude and love to your mother figure is an appreciated gift. Celebrate Mother's Day exactly how you want who the people you love!

Celebrate yourself, celebrate your mother or mother figure, celebrate all mothers and celebrate our common mother, Mother Earth!

As a mother, take the opportunity to celebrate yourself on Mother's Day!

Being a mother is not always an easy job. You do the best you can with the means you have. It's easy to be too hard on yourself when you feel like you're not enough. You are fine just the way you are and give yourself a pat on the back today. You deserve to be celebrated!

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