Fertility, Intention Bracelet

408.00 SEK 510.00 SEK

Fertility bracelet with peach moonstone, ruby, white seashell, rose quartz, garnet

When it's time for you to consciously follow your desire to start a family, find your feminine rhythm, feel the moon and water forces within you and create a child with your chosen partner, wear this bracelet. Note that the bracelet now looks like in picture no. 2, on the stone slab.

The peach moon for the connection with the tide, the emotions and your feminine rhythm. Let the moonstone fill your aura with confidence and peace. Ruby to the queen you are, who owns her sexuality, lust and feminine power. Red garnet to attract the right partner and white seashell to listen to the water's message, wash away every ounce of bitterness and draw out your life-giving, calm power. Rose Quartz for the all encompassing and unconditional love that resides in your heart and womb.

Affirmation: I am fertile and fruitful like the earth

"The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want."

— Abraham-Hicks


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