For joy and enthusiasm

Orange has a tangible healing effect, and is a shock and trauma healer.
Orange helps you get in touch with your emotions so you can let go and leave unhappiness and sadness behind. Therefore, orange also helps you bring out your genuine and true joy. The joy that comes from a deep and simple satisfaction with life as it is.

Close relations

Orange evokes attention and presence. You get more in touch with your emotions and with the navel chakra, the second chakra, which relates to the receptive or feminine aspect of sexuality: ecstasy, closeness, bliss. The second chakra and orange keep in touch with the emotions and your close relationships.
In Shamanism, it is believed that threads run from the navel to our loved ones. These remain even if they are people you no longer see, relationships you have broken up with or to people who are dead. The bonds create a dependency relationship and it is important to be aware of these bonds. Psychic wounds and injuries in this area are said to lead to addiction, among other things.

Orange gems

The most common orange gemstone is carnelian. It is a quartz and has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.
Calcite comes in many colors, including orange, and is popular for its mild, beautiful color. It is significantly softer and has a 3 on the Mohs scale.
Aventurine, alabaster, eldagate can be found in orange and also topaz, but it is quite rare.
The Indian sunstone at its most beautiful is perhaps the ultimate stone for the second chakra with its divinely ecstatic glitter.
The salt stone cannot be used in jewelry, but as lamps and lanterns it is very beautiful and gives a pleasant and balancing light.
In addition, some precious stones, including magnesite, are dyed with successful results. The color is strong and permanent. Coral can also be orange.

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