Taurus: April 20 – May 21

Crystals and stones for the Taurus zodiac sign

Taurus is the zodiac sign of spring, flowers, love of nature and life. Nature strengthens the connection between the soul and the body and so does the color green - the color of the heart chakra and the bull. The heart is the connecting link between the soul, mind and body. By listening to the heart, we gain access to ourselves, the presence here and now and the love of life. Taurus is a life enjoyer who does not approve of excesses but sticks to the golden mean. Being calm and living a grounded life in touch with the earth is important for the Taurus zodiac sign. Harmony, security, abundance, wealth and reliability are hallmarks of Taurus. Sometimes Taurus can feel slow and stubborn, but that's because they have time to feel in their heart, follow their own path and live a balanced life.

We have selected four stones for Oxarna. Four stands for balance and the material, so it feels right that the Taurus get four stones to strengthen and help them on their journey through life.

Taurus is an earth sign and is ruled by the planet Venus.

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Emerald is May's month stone and the most brilliant green of all gemstones. The emerald awakens the peaceful and bubbling love of the heart. It gives Taurus all the strength to continue loving life and enjoying everything that grows and develops. Emerald is the stone of abundance and wealth, it gives Taurus the security they may need to dare to live with an open heart.

The emerald's deep radiant and green power carries a message of harmony, growth and wisdom. It helps us feel gratitude and reverence for the greatness of life.

This is Emerald: Emerald is a solace for the heart and a symbol of wealth in all its forms. It reminds us of the earth's abundance, the green planet and that we need to care big and small, everything from ourselves to protecting the whole. Emerald is a gemstone that belongs to the beryl group, which also includes aquamarine. The emerald has been loved for its green color since long before our era. Smaragd emerges for everything from Colombia and Russia.

Chakras: The heart chakra
Menstrual stone: May


Taurus can enjoy life here and now, satisfaction comes from closeness to the heart and to itself. The ability to sing the praises of slowness and chew another blade of grass is energy that aventurine wants to create within us.

Characteristics: HEALING, LOVE, PEACE.
Green aventurine is calming and balancing in case of emotional upset. It can help us relax and experience our life through a more open and peaceful mind. It is a typical healing stone and can bring up memories and old pain. This is so that we can transform them into love by forgiving and developing through our experiences into conscious and present people.

This is aventurine: Aventurine is used to attract luck and fortune or to manifest wealth and abundance. It is a stone for success and should help us open our hearts to all the amazing things around us. Aventurine is the green quartz and the go-to stone for the heart chakra in a chakra healing kit.

Chakras: Heart chakra


Surrounding yourself with beauty is important to Taurus and nothing is more beautiful than the earth, nature and how we create life around us, for a Taurus. Chrysocolla is the stone of creativity and beauty. It stimulates the Taurus to create and communicate from their heart and not just sit and be stubborn to themselves when the circumstances are not as the Taurus wants. Chrysocolla is both down-to-earth and a tribute to the earth.


Chrysocolla symbolizes the horizon – the meeting between the infinite sky and the earth. It connects the emotional with the mental and empowers you to speak from your heart. It is the poet's stone. Chrysokolla helps you gather here and now, where the inner meets the outer, where infinity meets our being.

This is chrysocolla : Copper gives the color to the green mineral in chrysocolla. Chrysokolla is found in Australia, England, Israel, Mexico, USA and many other places. Cleopatra is said to have worn a chrysocolla crystal…

Chakras: Neck and Heart
Planet: Venus


Rose quartz helps the sensitive nature of Taurus to be in touch with their heart and heal emotional wounds. The Taurus is very romantic and loyal but sometimes maybe a little afraid to take responsibility for it as there may be betrayal and pain in the past. The rose quartz supports us all to dare to open up again.


Rose quartz initiates love for ourselves. It provides calm and emotional reassurance. Rose quartz stimulates contact with our inner child, supports innocence, vulnerability and trust. It connects the spiritual dimension with love and gives us love without conditions and requirements.

This is rose quartz: Rose quartz is a common quartz and is found throughout the world. The color comes from iron. Some rose quartz stones, when polished by a skilled cutter, can have a star in them that shines when light is reflected in the stone in a special way. Rose quartz is the pink quartz that is loved for its gentle energy. When you need to feel trust, support and self-acceptance, you can sit with a rose quartz in your hand.

Zodiac signs: Scorpio
Planet: Venus
Moonstone: October
Chakras: Heart, Navel and Base

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