The rainbow

Many of the Crystal Room's popular jewelry have the chakra colors, the colors of the rainbow, as a theme.

In yoga, meditation and other physical and spiritual activities, the knowledge of life energy plays a major role. The energy flows through the body's chakra system, which is made up of points along the spine that have the colors of the rainbow. In many spiritual traditions, you strive to awaken this energy, and then you work with colors, among other things.
Crystal healing is also based on this healing system.

Bridge between heaven and earth

In Norse mythology, the rainbow is called Bifrost and is the bridge guarded by Heimdall that connects Asgard with Midgard. In Greek mythology, it is the path of the messenger Iris between heaven and earth.
The rainbow is mentioned in the Book of Genesis as a sign of God's covenant with the people. After Noah survived the flood, God sent the rainbow as a sign of his promise that there would be no more flood.

The rainbow as a bridge is also an internal phenomenon. By awakening our chakras and our chakra energy, the kundalini power, we get help with the contact between the different aspects within us such as sexuality, closeness, personal power, love, insight, creativity and intuition.
Having contact with our inner intelligence is not a small thing, but it is of great importance for our vitality, ability to survive and, not least, joy in life.

Rock crystals and other prisms

Clear rock crystals naturally act as a prism. The light is refracted and separated into different wavelengths, which means that the light enters the crystal from one side and exits the crystal on the opposite side like a rainbow.
The crystal room's prisms have the same effect and are very decorative to hang in the window. The more faces on the crystal or prism, the more rainbows you get.

The rainbow flag

The message of the rainbow is global diversity. All people on earth, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, education and so on have equal value. All colors are equally important in the rainbow.
The rainbow exists as a flag, where the different colors often represent values ​​such as diversity, inclusiveness, hope and longing. Different rainbow flags have been used in different cultures since pre-Columbian times, by everything from Incan Indians and reformists, to the cooperation and peace movement. The different rainbow flags for different movements usually have different designs, but they can sometimes be almost confusingly similar. The rainbow flag is probably most widespread as a symbol of the LGBTQI movement, where it stands for pride and diversity among gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and non-binary people as well as for respect for fellow human beings and tolerance. In Sweden, it is the most famous form of the rainbow flag. (Wikipedia) This is something the Crystal Room has written into our policy.

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