Red for vitality and passion

The red color awakens our attraction and our desire. It makes us excited, eager, alert and more alert.
Use red when you want to attract and arouse, create feelings of desire and excitement. Don't be afraid of the red - it's life!
Red is good when you want to start a project, start something new, get out of a slump, break negative patterns, cheer yourself up and those around you. When you want to get off the couch and get started.

Attracts and challenges

Red is also an obvious color for attraction. Science shows that red clothes, makeup and jewelry attract attention!
Don't use red if you feel insecure about your surroundings, sense aggression around you (which you don't want to attract) or want to create peace and quiet. Have red in the bedroom if you want to create a lustful atmosphere but make sure you can remove the red so you get peace and quiet and a good night's sleep.
Adrenaline, a hormone that controls our flight and fight reactions and that makes the heart beat faster, reacts to red. "Seeing red" is, as you know, a saying that expresses anger. We see red things faster and they appear as if they were closer.

Red stones include ruby, garnet, red jasper, coral and mokaite.

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