Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Crystals and stones for the Capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn is a sign ruled by the planet Saturn and represents time, responsibility, rules and limitations. Capricorns are said to be serious, conservative and ambitious. Capricorns have an inner independence that can bring them success in both their personal and professional lives. A Capricorn learns from his mistakes and will rise to the top because of his experiences and his tenacity with the help of Saturn's strong and protective energy.

"Capricorn stands firmly on the ground and is an earth sign. Characterized as loyal, logical and practical. Capricorns want to succeed in difficult tasks and challenge their abilities. A Capricorn who has given his love well is one of the most loyal things you can find. When decisions become hard to take and the head floats up in the blue there are said to be crystals that get them grounded and harmonious again." From the magazine Nära 2021

Capricorn is an earth sign and is ruled by the planet Saturn.


The brown, earthy quartz, smoky quartz, supports Capricorn's grounded and down-to-earth nature. It is the material, real and genuine that counts. The critical mind is not only bad, it keeps the feet on the ground. Smoky quartz helps us keep our minds open while standing firm and able to climb high!

Chakras: the root chakra and the earth chakra


The red garnet gives Capricorn the extra energy that she may feel she lacks sometimes when the ambitions stretch higher than the power to get there. The grenade is like a stubborn PT: "Yes, one more step! Fight! You can! You have the power!" The garnet also helps Capricorn who can be a little shy to attract their love and live their desires.

Garnet is also January's stone of the month and of course suits Capricorn!

Chakras: root


Capricorn has a lot of wisdom and prudence. To aim and climb high is to challenge the forces and Capricorn learns. Lapis Lazuli gives energy to insights, intuition, stillness and presence. Saturn is the planet of Capricorn and lapis lazuli is Saturn's stone. Saturn rules the ability to set boundaries, say yes and no, use one's own and others' experiences to make wise decisions. Capricorn is a strong leader and is supported by Lapis Lazuli.

Chakra : forehead chakra, the third eye

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