Woman in black lights incense over 5 black crystals

Black to seek back to the source

Black is a color that visually shrinks and contracts. So black can also work in terms of yourself and your own energy.
Black holds you together and centers you, anchors you in your own body and on and with the earth, counteracts division and the experience of being made up of different parts. In this way, black helps you to get in touch with your inner self and with the source. Therefore, black can stand for safety, security and protection.
The color black also stands for the receptive, the unknown and what we can neither see, feel nor know. We humans react differently to the unknown - some get scared and experience resistance, others get curious and wake up. How will you be? Maybe pensive and worried or suspicious, questioning or can you receive the future, accept it, wait it out and let life come to you?

Courage to break patterns

Give yourself courage, do not repress your fear but look - is it really constructive for you to be afraid in this situation or is it a pattern? If you see it is a pattern, a fear that is influenced by memories from the past. Then grab your black stone, get courage and protection and go into life!
But if you have real reason to be afraid, grab your black stone for protection and protect yourself in the way you need.

Support for something new

Are you going to venture into something new? A new job, a project or maybe it's New Year's Eve soon?
Time to take out pen and paper, go through the year that has been, examine yourself - what was good, what was bad? What have you learned and what is your vision for the coming year? Also set concrete goals and use the color black to give yourself structure and discipline so that you can implement your goals.
Black helps you attract what you need. The clearer and clearer you are in your thoughts and feelings, the easier you can attract what you need.

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