Turquoise & light blue

Turquoise and light blue stand for the sea, freedom, communication and honest feelings.

Being present and being able to communicate one's feelings with words to other people is the energy of the turquoise and clear blue vibration. Dare to be authentic and convey the energy that different emotions carry. In turquoise you find the poet, the dancer, the inventor, the cook, the painter and here in the turquoise light you find the mystic within you.


Aquamarine brings purity, clarity and courage in our communication - with the outside world as well as with ourselves. It helps you overflow and offer fresh water to those around you - let your feelings spring forth within you as a source of insight and honesty, let yourself speak. Express the inner sea that surges within you of playfulness, poetry and creativity.


Amazonite increases sensitivity to and awareness of our thoughts, feelings and actions towards other people. It is a stone for those who want to go their own way and take responsibility for their own life. It is supportive of all kinds of change. Amazonite is for those who want and have the courage to break up and choose a path in harmony with their heart's deepest desire. It is said that amazonite was one of the stones in the breastplate for high priests mentioned in the Old Testament.

Other light blue and turquoise stones: Blue calcite, blue topaz, celestine, blue band agate, apatite and larims.

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