Gemini: May 22 – June 21

Crystals and stones for the zodiac sign of Gemini

Gemini is the zodiac sign of intellect, knowledge, writing, thoughts, charisma, changeability, curiosity, charm and playfulness. A person born under the sign of Gemini is also a shapeshifter, a sorcerer who can transform himself or circumstances with his thoughts. It is also the challenge of Gemini: the duality, to see things from two or more sides at the same time and to never stop thinking and thinking about life and everything that is contained in our universe. Precisely because of this, it is a bit easy for Gemini to get stuck in their thoughts and not relax. It can be exhausting. We have produced stones that support Gemini to live their wonderful gifts but also find their feet in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The zodiac sign of Gemini is an air sign and is ruled by the planet Mercury

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Citrine is the stone of intellect and expressive personality. Citrine enhances all the positive qualities of Gemini and helps us radiate with all our power and energy. Citrine's message is: "You shine".

Citrine is a happy and positive stone that stimulates us to see the light in life. It helps us express ourselves in social contexts, have fun, laugh and play.

This is Citrine: Citrine is a quartz. It is closely related to both rock crystal and amethyst. It is iron in amethyst and citrine that gives the stones their colors. The iron turns yellow in strong heat.

Zodiac signs: Gemini
Chakras: Solar plexus
Menstrual stone: November


The Gemini can never stop being curious, there is always one more stone to pick up. There is always something more to marvel at. Agate enhances Gemini's fascination with life and helps us land with our feet down. It is in everyday life that the great miracles happen. For the Gemini star sign, it is big to trust the universe, the Gemini prefers to ask the question why. But with agate's magic and ability to trap us and pull us inward, even Gemini can stop.

Agate is not a stone for luxury and glamour. It cherishes the simple, close and obvious. It likes to take the must out of wild and baseless ambitions but supports peace and tranquility, helps us to let go of fear about our survival in order to dare to give more of ourselves. Agate is said to be good for gardening and love magic. Give agate to whomever your heart longs for.

This is agate: Agate is also a quartz but with more other minerals included that give the dense colors and patterns. Agate is found throughout the world and has been dyed since time immemorial. It is said that honey opens the stone's pores and allows it to be affected by different colors. It is loved for its magical patterns of inward looking circles.

Zodiac sign : Gemini
Chakras: Root chakra or all chakras depending on color.


Tiger Eye is the perfect stone for Gemini as it connects the curious, searching, thinking person with the strength, wildness and presence in the material and physical world. Geminis who find it difficult to raise enough money can wear a tiger's eye to enhance their presence and strength. Tiger's eye is also a stone


Tiger's eye connects the wild and indestructible within you with radiance and cleverness. In areas related to practical, material and concrete matters, it provides energy and understanding. It also stimulates awareness and alertness around sexuality and emotions.

Tiger's eye is a perfect stone for those who seek clarity and who need an intelligent eye to see order among scattered details. Wear it around your neck, at work, the exam hall or why not in your bra for extra power? Let its strength become your strength and walk with your head held high into the future.

This is tiger's eye: Also tiger's eye is a quartz where iron affects the color and ingrown threads of golden brown riebeckita asbestos which is not dangerous like asbestos. The iron is precipitated in various processes in the earth and tiger's eye changes into falcon's eye and bull's eye. Tiger iron is a mixture of hematite and tiger's eye.

Zodiac signs: Capricorn and the twins
Chakra : Base, solar plexus.


A fine healing stone for the twin is moonstone. It wants to help the twins get in touch with their emotions and the cosmic rhythm of the universe. It does not answer the question why, but allows us to let go of the mind's eternal wonder about life. The very soul of development is that we ask, but sometimes, in order to get deeper and see new perspectives, we need to leave the question behind.


The moonstone reminds us of the quiet power of patience and waiting in confidence. It gets its name from the moon light that guides us at night. Just like the moon and like your inner wisdom, the moonstone reflects back the light that falls on it in a beautiful and magical shimmer. The nature of the moonstone is receptivity and acceptance, to observe in silence the events of life, the changes of the seasons, the movement of the day between night and day. It watches over you and illuminates the darkness so you can find your way home. The moonstone protects us in the different cycles of life. It is often used as a talisman for fertility and pregnancy, helping us navigate night and day, the cycles of nature and the mystery of life.
Moonstone is available as white, black, gray and peach. The peach color stands for fertility, the white for the full moon and the moonlight (a cycle becomes complete) and the black for the new moon or black moon (when you can start new projects).

This is the moonstone: Moonstone is a feldspar and sibling to rainbow moonstone, labradorite, sunstone and amazonite. The earth's crust consists of up to 40% feldspar, but it takes special circumstances for a shimmering moonstone to form. A fine moonstone has like an "eye" or line of light when the light falls on the polished stone.

Menstrual stone: June
Zodiac signs: Crayfish
Chakras: navel, heart, crown

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