Do you want to sell your crystals and jewelery on commission or second hand with us? Preloved second hand or commission sales means that you leave your goods and get paid when they are sold.

Do this:

  • Collect the undamaged and fine crystals and jewelry that you want to get a value check for. They must be nice. The crystals must not have damage and silver jewelery must be freshly polished.
  • Polish the silver jewelry and do not return broken crystals and stones. Let your flowers enjoy them.
  • The amount for your second-hand goods must exceed SEK 1,000.
  • If the value of your goods is under SEK 200/piece and under SEK 1000 together, you need to exchange your goods through a Preloved value check instead. Read more about it here .
  • Leave the goods in our store at Hökens gata 6 for valuation
  • You then fill in the agreement that you receive in the store. We sign that you have left your goods. You sign that you accept our rules.
  • With our help, you then photograph your goods with your mobile phone in the store together with the completed and signed agreement so that both you and we know what you submitted and that we agree on the rules.
  • When we have valued the goods, we will contact you and let you know what price we think your goods can be sold for. We write it in the commission agreement and sign the agreement.
  • We mark all your goods with a special article code and register all sales at the checkout.
  • We put your crystals and jewelry up for sale.
  • We check once every two months and if your goods are sold we will contact you. You can always contact us by email and ask how things are going.
  • If you have a company or company, you write an invoice to the Kristallrummet for 40% incl. VAT on the amount we sold your goods for. If you are a private person, we will help you write a receipt for 40% of the amount minus VAT. You leave the receipt to us for the payment of your money. We pay the sum to an account specified by you. We do not pay any commission in cash.
  • The invoice / receipt must be written according to our instructions, depending on whether you are liable for VAT or not.
  • If your goods have not been sold within a year, we will ask you to collect them.
  • If you don't pick them up within six months of us asking you to pick them up, they go to the Crystal Room and we can give them away or throw them away.
  • You can ask someone else to collect as long as they have the original contract with them.
  • The Crystal Room reserves the right to refuse to accept goods for sale.

Welcome in with your goods!

Kristallrummet's shop at Hökens gata 6