Everything you need to know about crystals - Bokasin

139.90 SEK

New Bokasin "Book magazine" of 114 pages packed with everything you need and want to know about crystals. Lots of beautiful pictures and interesting articles. Bakasinet is in Swedish. You can read about the energies of crystals, astrology, horoscopes and crystals, what you can do with your crystals, tips from celebrities, etc.

Vanya Kristallrummet's founder has participated in Bokasinet with, among other things, the foreword:

"The crystals came into my life as a hope, a hope for change during a period of mental illness in my life. The more I tuned into the energies of the crystals , the more deeply I was touched. It was as if the crystals and the stones spoke a different language to me; the language of intuition. Voices from my interior were given a place, sensations, colors and emotions that touched me came forward. I could sit and cry with an aquamarine in my hand. In 1990 we started the Crystal Room and the interest in crystal er and healing has grown enormously since then. 100,000s of customers have asked us for advice and our most common answer is "Feel first and read later, trust your gut". It has never been wrong. In our stores customers stand and feel after The energy is calm and focused.... Read more in Bokmagasinet


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