Ananda Soul, All is Love Ring with rose quartz

2,480.00 SEK

Ananda Soul, gold ring "All is love" with rose quartz

This strong and powerful ring made of 22kt gold plated brass bears the affirmation "All is love" engraved on the ring so that you can carry the vibration of abundant unconditional love every day.

The Balinese Ornaments around the sparkling Rose Quartz are designed to remind you of the abundance of loving life force that surrounds you every day.

Rose Quartz stimulates peace, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, inner peace and tolerance. It increases one's ability to love oneself as well as others. It helps heal emotional wounds and increases its wearer's sense of self-worth.

This "All is Love" ring has been blessed in a special Balinese ceremony to bring love, peace and prosperity to the wearer.

Every purchase helps street children in Bali go to school. Material: 22kt Gold plating on brass, Rose Quartz |


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