Ananda Soul Creations

Ananda Soul, Surrender to the Flow bracelet

970.00 SEK

Ananda Soul, Surrender to the flow, bracelet with zircon crystal in gold

This bracelet carries the essence of the flow of eternal life. Everything in this universe is in constant motion, from the great banyan trees to the smallest molecules that make up each cell. Wearing this mandala reminds our soul to surrender to the ever-changing in the universe and to flow with it so it can work its magic in your life.

In the center of this mandala sits a 1.5 mm zircon crystal. This transparent crystal is formed from the magma fluid and has withstood enormous pressure to arrive at its sparkling form as we see it today.

Material: 22kt gold-plated 925 sterling silver
Size: adjustable 17cm / 19cm | Hanging diameter 10mm


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