Free introduction to the Crystal Temple's Chakraresa Online on 8/1 & 6/2 at 19.00 via ZOOM

0.00 SEK

Are you interested in Chakra, energy, relaxation and self-awareness?

Then this is something for you! A mini-workshop of 1-1.5 hours for inspiration and self-knowledge. It costs SEK 1 for the booking to work in our system.

Chakra is a system that describes the connection between the soul, the emotions and the body. Crystals and stones can act as keys to presence in these aspects of our consciousness.

This evening, Vanya talks about the Crystal Temple's chakra journey, her own journey and experiences with the chakra energies. She shares a little sample from both the online course and what happens in the Crystal Temple on Södermalm in Stockholm.

The introductory evening has been greatly appreciated and is an opportunity to get more in touch with yourself and experience the possibilities of living your potential by listening to your own energy and presence in the chakras.

All information and a link to the event will be sent out in connection with your registration.

The ZOOM event is led by Vanya Mårtens, one of the Kristallrummet's founders who has worked with crystals, chakras and meditation since the 80s. Vanya has written two books about crystals, healing and meditation.

Enter your mobile number if you want a reminder SMS before the event starts.

No previous knowledge required.

Contact us at if you have any questions!

Link and login will be sent by email.

You can find the Crystal Temple's chakra journey online via ZOOM here

You can find the crystal temple's chakra journey on Södermalm in Stockholm here


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