Crystal healing - Treatment with Marika

700.00 SEK

Crystal healing at the Crystal Room

Book your appointment directly at BOKA DIREKT or pay in the online shop and let us contact you for an appointment. You can pay with Klarna and card.

Hi, the one giving the treatment is Marika and I am a Reiki healer. Some of you may recognize me from Kristallrummet's two stores, as I worked at Kristallrummet in different ways for several years: in store, in the warehouse and customer service/webshop. Now I offer Crystal Healing here at the Crystal Room in approximately 45-minute sessions.

For just over 10 years, I have been part of various circles and sisterhoods where we have worked with psychometry, healing, commuting, crystals (of course!), tarot, séances and much else interesting in the spiritual sphere. Becoming a Reiki healer felt like a natural continuation of this work. Among other things, I have also taken courses in Chakra balancing with crystals and Become a Crystal Reader here at Kristallrummet for the founder/owner Vanya Mårtens.

Crystal healing is good to do to feel calmer and more grounded. At the same time as your chakras become lubricated and more balanced, your aura is cleared of energies other than your own good ones. Some unwanted ethereal bands may also be hijacked. You also get to rest for a while in the healing magic of the crystals.

It works so that you lie clothed on the bench and get different crystals placed on the body's chakras. Then I use other crystals to help and reinforce the work that the crystals you have on your body are doing.

Investment: SEK 700 for approx. 45 minutes of healing including preparation and a moment of silence afterwards.

Healing is a good stress- and pain-reducing supplement to traditional healthcare. If you are seriously ill, medical care should always be contacted first!


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