Make a necklace with bag in Macramé for your crystal 9/4 2024

250.00 SEK

Tying necklaces, bracelets and even anklets with the macramé technique is a fun way to use both pearls and stones without holes. The macrame technique allows us to use any stones that inspire us and make us happy. That way, you can make a piece of jewelry out of your favorite stones.

Macrame course 1 "bag"
We teach the basics of how to make a macramé necklace adapted to the stone you want to use in the necklace. The basic technique is to make a holder that looks like a cute little net bag to hold the stone in. You choose a stone or a crystal point and then make the bag the one we chose, then we braid the string that is left to the bag so you can use it around the neck.

If you want to create an advanced macramé necklace, we book a continuation course.

Macrame thread to practice on is included in the price. All participants receive a 20% discount on pearls (applies only at the time of the course and cannot be used after this)

Location: Kristallrummet, Hökens gata 6

Time: 18.00 - approx. 20.00


Cancellation is free up to 7 days before the course starts. If you cancel after this, we will receive the full fee. To cancel or for other questions about the course, email


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