Incense Botanico Magnolia

100.00 SEK

Botanico Magnolia

The name "Magnolia" comes from the Latin word "Magnolius", meaning "of great excellence". This name was given to the tree by the French botanist Pierre Magnol in the 17th century. In the United States, the Magnolia tree symbolizes luck and stability, and in Eastern cultures, the magnolia's white flowers represent purity and are used in traditional folk medicine to bring about calm and well-being. The incense has a floral scent that is slightly fruity and fresh with hints of spicy verbena and lemon honey.

Burning time: 60 min per incense stick.
Quantity: 6 extra long and thick incense sticks.
The incense from Sagrada Madre is 100% vegan, organic and handmade of the highest quality. Contains no chemicals or synthetic fragrances. The incense can burn for short moments and then be lit again. Handmade in Argentina.

Biodynamic incense

Biodynamic incense means that the traditional wooden stick that the incense sticks to has been replaced by a sustainable material in the form of fruit-based biomass for minimal impact on nature and living forests. The biomass consists of residual products from apples and pears that have been used in the production of juice and cider. Biomass is an organic and sustainable product that completely replaces the need for wooden sticks in the manufacture of incense sticks and leads to minimal environmental impact and more living forests.

Contents: Magnolia flowers and magnolia essential oil, charcoal, fruit biomass, natural binder and sea salt.


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