Incense, MEIKO EIJU Sandalwood/sandalwood

265.00 SEK

Incense Long Stick: MEIKO EIJU

The absolutely perfect and exclusive scent for immersion, meditation and inspiration. In this exclusive incense, sandalwood is carefully mixed with herbs, which are also used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Just opening this box and smelling the contents is pure joy.

The divine fragrance
The scent of sandalwood (Sanskrit: candanam) is said in the East to have the ability to bring you into closer contact with the divine. In Buddhism, the scent is traditionally used to maintain attention in meditation and increase spiritual energy. The essential oil is very expensive in its pure form, and it includes e.g. in Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of anxiety and nervousness. Sandalwood is one of the most popular raw materials in Japanese incense and is used for e.g. Japanese tea ceremonies, Zen meditation and to remove bad energies in a room.

100 sticks in a box, length: 25 cm, burning time: approx. 55 min.


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