Incense Nag Champa Satya

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Dew on a leaf on a misty morning

Satya's beloved Nag Champa incense is one of the world's most popular incenses. This is the first secret recipe created by the founding family of Shrinivas Sugandhalaya which has lived through generations. Made from a blend of herbs, flowers and oils hand rolled on a bamboo stick.

Description : Positivity

Fragrance notes : Earthy & Harmonizing

Usage : The exotic Nag Champa blend of frangipani flower and sandalwood is known to purify spaces and the atmosphere. The aromatic incense is an excellent tool for meditation and for reaching states of deep inner peace and deep relaxation.

Burning time : 45 minutes per incense stick.

Quantity : approx. 15 incense sticks/ 15 grams

Satya incense blends are hand rolled in the Indian masala tradition with ingredients of the highest purity and quality. These blends have a dominant aromatic ingredient, supported by complementary fragrance notes that help carry the incense's expression. 100% vegan and green certified product.



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