Incense Natural Amber

80.00 SEK

The Scent of Transformation

A natural incense made from real amber resin, often called "amber", offers several benefits that have been appreciated in different cultures for centuries. In some cultures, amber is believed to create a sense of well-being, cleanse the environment of negativity, and provide a positive, stabilizing influence on those who wear or diffuse its fragrance.

Fragrance notes : warm, rich and earthy fragrance with sweet undertones and hints of musk, vanilla and pine.

Scent intensity : 4/5

Smoke intensity : 3/5

Amber tinctures and oils have been used in natural medicine for various purposes, including as an antibiotic and as a treatment for throat infections and respiratory problems. The scent of amber in perfumes is a warm, rich and earthy scent with a powdery undertone. This complex scent profile makes amber a popular base note in many perfumes, providing a deep, lingering scent with a touch of luxury and mystery.



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