Sagrada Madre

Incense Palo Santo Copal

80.00 SEK

Palo Santo and Copal from the Sagrada Madre

This incense combines Palo Santo with Copal, a resin that comes from one of the most mythical trees of the Amazon and Mexico. Copal of Peruvian origin is an aromatic resin from the Copal tree and is known as the "incense of the earth" in Central and South America. In ancient Mayan and Inca cultures, the smoke was used to purify places and people, increase abundance and connect with divine energies. Soft and spicy scent of wild herbs and soft wood notes of Palo Santo.

Soothing, healing and cleansing. Feeling of well-being.

COPAL: Higher Consciousness and Connection. Protective, balancing and healing. Healing and cleansing.

Burning time: 60 minutes (per incense stick)
Quantity: 8 incense sticks
Length: 23 cm
All products are completely natural, organic and handmade of the highest quality in Argentina.

Contents: Palo Santo wood (Peru), Copal (Peru) and natural binders and salt. The incense sticks are made from ethically harvested Palo Santo. 100% vegan and contains no chemicals or synthetic additives.



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