Incense Palo Santo Rosemary

80.00 SEK

Palo Santo and Rosemary from Sagrada Madre

Palo Santo together with Rosemary is one of the most effective combinations to cleanse and protect places, people and objects with new energy, light and positive vibrations. Since ancient times, rosemary has been a symbol of luck, honesty and good faith. Rosemary strengthens the memory and is energizing and invigorating, which makes it suitable both at home and in the workplace for increased concentration. Fresh, herbal scent with hints of mint and mild woody notes of Palo Santo.

PALO SANTO: Soothing, healing and cleansing. Feeling of well-being.

ROSEMARY: Strengthens memory and concentration. Cleansing and protective. Energizing and invigorating.

Burning time: 60 minutes (per incense stick)
Quantity: 8 incense sticks
Length: 23 cm

Contents: All products are completely natural, organic and handmade of the highest quality in Argentina. Palo Santo wood (Peru), Rosemary (Argentina) and natural binders and salt. The incense sticks are made from ethically harvested Palo Santo. 100% vegan and contains no chemicals or synthetic additives.


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