Rose quartz, ground points AA quality

1,430.00 SEK

Pink rose quartz tip, standing crystal

Rose quartz is a quartz crystal with a lovely pink color. The rose quartz is ground to a standing point. Have a lace on the bedside table, at the workplace or on a love altar, the possibilities are endless!

Small: approx. 130-189 grams. About 7-8.5 cm
Between: about 190-269 grams. About 7.5-10.5 cm
Large: approx. 270-389 grams. About 9.5-10.5 cm
Extra large: approx. 390-429 grams. About 10-11 cm
Extra large no. 2: 450-550g Measurements 12-12.5 cm
Extra large no. 3: approx. 630g Dimensions 14 x 6 cm
Extra large no. 4: approx. 750g Dimensions 14.8 x 6 cm


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