Saltwater pearls graded apricot no. 2

5,000.00 SEK

Top Quality Graded Saltwater Pearls!

Unique, slightly irregular saltwater pearls with a stunning luster of light apricot hue. The pearl necklace is graded with smaller pearls closest to the neck and knots between each pearl for a more exclusive expression. The pearl necklace with saltwater pearls has a nice silver lobster clasp that makes it easy to put on and take off.

The pearl's origin from the sea with its pure and innocent energy has been part of the pearl's properties since time immemorial. The wisdom that everything is possible and the light lives within us is the freshwater pearl's message to us.

Size of pearls: minimum 6 mm, graduated to 10 mm
Necklace length: approx. 49 cm including clasp.


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