Shamanic Healing

1,250.00 SEK

Shamanic healing in the crystal temple with Julie Boaje


Payment is made on site with Swish or bank card after your treatment. (not here in the webshop)

Shamanic healing in the crystal temple with Julie Boaje

Warmly welcome to take part in shamanic energy medicine and healing tradition.
The shamanic healing that Julie offers consists of powerful and energy-balancing healing methods from the medicine wheel originating from Peru's shamanic traditions, knowledge and wisdom.

Julie treats energy imbalances and blockages that exist in and around the body. These energy disturbances are often the basis of fatigue, physical pain and psychological/spiritual disharmony.
With the healing techniques, Julie cleans and diverts the energy body from heavy/negative energy, "Hocha" as well as invasive energies, "Entities" During the healing treatment, Julie also harmonizes your chakra system so that your energies flow optimally.

The session begins with a conversation about what weighs you down, what you wish to let go of and what you want to enrich your life with.
After that, we lay you down comfortably on a bench and the healing work begins. You keep your clothes on.
During the healing, Julie uses various tools such as stones/crystals for energy balancing, incenses for cleansing and purification of heavy energy, calming and energizing aromatherapeutic oils, herbs and tinctures. Julie may also use rattles, singing bowls and tactile massage during the healing work.
The session ends with a short conversation where you receive information from the treatment as well as further advice and guidance for continued change, relief, joy and harmony in your life.

Each healing session is 90 minutes long and costs SEK 1250.
You pay on the spot with a bank card or Swish, a receipt will be emailed.
You are welcome to email if questions or concerns arise.

Julie, founder of CBT-Fabriken, is a trained cognitive behavioral therapist, family therapist, mindfulness instructor, mediyoga instructor and shamanic healer.
Julie lives with her family in Ekerö. There she runs her business CBT-Fabriken, which offers CBT, mindfulness courses and various workshops. Feel free to visit for more information.
Julie also runs the brand Makrame By Julie where she designs and creates various items in macrame.

With us at the crystal room, Julie will offer shamanic healing and macramé workshops.


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