Alabaster is a porous and fine-grained gypsum that, among other things, used in ancient Egypt as skylights in the great temples. Bowls and vases are also made in alabaster. This stone can be placed in the home to stimulate the seeker in us, reminding us and helping us to be aware of the fact that if we will, we will achieve the divine state that is our birthright. Alabaster supports development in all its forms. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Chakra: depending on color

More about Alabaster

Common alabaster is hydrous calcium sulfate, an often slightly translucent variety of gypsum, with hardness between 1.5 and 2.0 on the Mohs hardness scale. The finer varieties resemble marble but are softer than this and therefore easier to process, but also less durable.

Alabaster comes in everything from white to almost black, the more superficially the alabaster is mined, the lighter the color. It is available in all the colors of the rainbow: white, yellow, pink, blue, green, brown, brown-black. The clearer the color, without color elements of other colors, the finer the quality. The original capital of alabaster is Volterra in Italy.

Alabaster and lime alabaster can be easily distinguished from each other by the fact that the latter fizzes vigorously when a drop of hydrochloric or acetic acid is added. In addition, alabaster has little thermal conductivity - thus does not feel as cold as marble.

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