Amethyst Chevron

Protection, intuition, change.

Chevron amethyst is a banded amethyst that is distinguished by the fact that the white quartz creates a pattern of an upside-down V in the purple amethyst. The word chevron is believed to originate from the Latin word for rafters that join at the angle of the roof to form an inverted V, also the word for ibex is linked to the word chevron, through the shape of the horns. Amethyst chevron stands for power and protection. It is said to inspire us to use and trust our intuition, the voice of our heart. It helps its wearer distinguish between the authentic voice of their heart and their preconceived interpretations of the world. Chevron amethyst is good when you want the support of a positive force to break negative patterns and addiction problems.  It gives you energy to be more present to a good change in your life. 

Chakra: Sigh 

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

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