Miracle, hope, change

Ammolite is one of the rarest gemstones on earth. It is an organic gemstone, which means that it originates from an animal or plant. Ammolite is formed when the fossil of the prehistoric animal Ammonite crystallizes. Ammonite is a shell that lived about 40 - 65 million years ago. That this shell first becomes a fossil under certain circumstances and then undergoes a new geological process with heat and pressure and then creates ammolite is of course a miracle.
Ammolite is a stone for miracles, for the unexpected, desired and blessed to take place on earth. Ammolite is found in all the colors of the rainbow and often the entire color spectrum is found in one stone. A miracle is, for example, when an unexpected event changes a life course into something better and more positive. Open your minds and your consciousness and keep them open. Miracles happen every day, but we have to see them. When you see that your life is filled with miracles, a sense of gratitude and wonder is created within you. It helps you to attract what is right for you into your life and to say no to what does not suit you. You learn to navigate with integrity and presence.
Breathe in miracles, breathe out love.
Ammolite is a stone for all chakras.

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