Astro bracelet

Astro bracelet for your zodiac sign

Astro bracelet, bracelet for each zodiac sign with several of each zodiac sign's lucky stones.
What do we know about our soul's journey through space, through time and in our own lives? What can we do to support ourselves to make our life journey as conscious and energized as possible? Have you ever recognized yourself in the description of your zodiac sign? Does it feel like there is something that is typical of you, an energy that is beyond what you yourself chose or decided?
There are many traditions, astrologers, astrologers, mediums and mystics who have said which stone(s) apply to a certain zodiac sign. We have made a selection and produced a bracelet with several precious stones that will stimulate you and your star sign to live life to the fullest, here and now!

The crystal room's astro bracelet consists of beads of genuine precious stones and a solid silver cylinder with the symbol of the zodiac sign.
This zodiac sign bracelet fits both men and women and comes in two sizes. The smaller bracelet is about 18 cm long and the longer one about 21 cm long.
Each astro bracelet consists of genuine gemstone beads, a silver bead with its star sign on it and a rudraksha seed which is a sacred seed and symbolizes compassion and spirituality.

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