Astrological consultation 30 or 60 min - choose your theme yourself

650.00 SEK

Welcome to astrological consultation with Ratni

Book your Consultation now with date and time at Book Directly here or you book the consultation by putting the desired product in the shopping cart and paying in the online shop. Ratni will contact you with suggested dates and times.

Astrology is an aid to greater understanding of yourself and your life. You will be guided to see challenges and opportunities as well as answers on how to meet this and deal with them. We look at all areas of life. How they are connected and interact with each other.

Choose what you want to cover in the consultation, which can be booked for half an hour or a full hour. We can be seen in person at the crystal temple on Hökensgata or on ZOOM.

Positive personal interpretation
Who am I ? What can be deduced from my astrological chart? To see yourself more clearly, your talents, abilities, strengths, your unique life path.

My life right now
What is happening in my life right now? What can I expect that will impact going forward? What is most important to me right now? What will happen in the near future, the years?

The relationship between you and the other
How well do we fit together? Why have we met? Is this a relationship worth investing in? What can I expect? Is it a karmic relationship? Why have we met?

The love of my life
What should I do to attract a relationship? When will I meet a partner?

What talents do I have? What suits me to work as? How can I develop my talents? What do I need to feel good?

When you have booked the consultation, you will receive an email or text message with information on how to contact Ratni. You need to email the time & place of your own birth so that a horoscope chart can be drawn just for you. If you want a consultation on a specific theme, you also email it so that Ratni can prepare it.

You get the time of your birth from BB at the hospital where you were born.


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