Danburit, pink

Distance healing, prayer, mindfulness.

Danburit is a relatively newly discovered stone that got its name from Danbury, Connecticut in the USA where it was first found. Danburit has later been found in Japan, Burma, Madagascar and Mexico. It can replace diamond in jewelery as it has the same colour, is much larger and very affordable. Danburit has a hardness of 7, which makes it perfectly suitable for all types of jewellery. Danburit is said to gently open energy blockages in the body and help healers send light and love. It helps us see something good in everyone, no matter how difficult it is. Every person and situation we encounter in life is a gift to cherish. Danburit is said to instill positive feelings towards negative situations and people to create the best possible outcome.

Chakra: Head, Heart and Root

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About Magic Stones, the crystal book

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