Giving of yourself, generosity, vulnerability.

Persistence and never giving up is Eudialyte's message to us. To fight for what you believe in, what you want and despite both doubt and negativity appearing along the way don't stop but keep moving forward.

The eudialyte is said to balance and harmonize the base and heart chakras. The voice of your heart must find a place in physical reality. It is a great stone for those of you who want to express more love and acceptance to those around you, because by sharing your heart you will always go from victory to victory.

Eudialyte is an unusual silicate mineral that can also be found in Småland. Eudialyte has a brilliant red color reminiscent of ruby ​​and is a very beautiful but slightly delicate gemstone. It gets its name from the Greek "eu dialutos" which means "well degradable" as it is easily affected by acid.

Chakra: Base

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About Magic Stones, the crystal book

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