Color therapy


All the colors of the rainbow speak to our thoughts and feelings in both conscious and unconscious ways. Color therapy or color healing is based on the fact that we humans experience color in a similar way. Expressions such as "I see red" or "pink dreams" tell us what the colors are telling us.
We humans have probably always intuitively understood that colors affect us, but talking about how and why has not been as obvious. By understanding how we are affected by color, we can more easily understand ourselves and others. We can more easily decipher the intuitive messages of our surroundings.

The amazing colors of gems and crystals

The crystals and precious stones carry and convey the vibrations of the colors. Let them speak to you and through you. It's color therapy !
Draw power through color healing from all our jewelry and home decor items. Gemstones and crystals are one of nature's amazing ways of expressing color.

How does color therapy work?

Color, just like smell and touch, speaks to the part of the brain that controls biological functions, instincts and drive behaviors. These aspects of our behavior lie beneath or behind our conscious reactions, what we think and how we value things.
The intuitive understanding of colors has been inherited since ancient times.
It is a way of communicating that you can use when you want to realize your goals, create a certain atmosphere or feeling. The knowledge of the influence of colors also helps you to become aware of your reactions and your emotions.
Color is a language that speaks to us humans regardless of culture or nationality. It reaches deep into us and helps us interpret the world around us. All the colors of the rainbow are a sign of happiness, harmony and abundance. Among people the world over, the rainbow is deeply associated with joy and positive community. The colors have a mutually harmonious order, all aspects of color have their place in life. In the rainbow country, we also all belong together and are all parts of a common world.
Becoming aware of how colors affect us, and becoming present in what you are drawn to and what you need, is a powerful step to a happier life. You can also choose the color of your jewelry based on what you want to invite into your life. But prepare for surprises!

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