Full moon

Full moon bath - bathing in moonlight

Take care of the energies and give your stones and yourself a real full moon bath.
Place the stones, preferably on a selenite plate in the window. The stones absorb magical energy in the light of the full moon. In this way, you clean them and prepare them to, for example, program them.

Full moon bath
Bathing by yourself in the light of the full moon is magical. It's like letting the moon, stars and the whole sky look down on you. Feel the love in their light and how infinity, eternity watches over you. It's a wonderful feeling.

Let go of the old
Full moon is very much about letting go, relaxing and being filled with magical presence. It is also a special opportunity to program your stones with your intentions. The first thing you need to do is to let go of everything old to open the way for your intentions. Write down what you need to leave behind in terms of thought patterns, material things or relationships. Then burn the note and flush the ashes down the toilet.
Charge and strengthen your intentions
Now you can meditate on the intentions of the month and hold your stones that you have selected and that suit your desires and needs for this month. Make a bed for yourself where you can lie and look at the sky (and the sky can look at you), bring out your crystals that you want to work with right now or those that represent your intention. Think about which chakras they correspond to and prepare the crystals by purifying them with sage. Start focus sera you and your thoughts on what is important to you right now and why. Lie down and place the crystals by chakra. Ideally, place the crystals directly on the skin. Put a blanket on you and relax. Listen to relaxing music. Eg Reiki music.

Full moon water
Charge your drinking water with lunar energy. Use the crystal that you feel represents your evolution right now, and place it in the water. Place the glass in the moonlight in the window and drink it in the morning. If you make a carafe, you can use the water for several days.

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