Selenite ground bowl - two sizes

290.00 SEK

Bowl of shimmering white selenite

White selenite, smooth cut into a silky shimmering bowl. Available in two different sizes, small and large. Perfect to "clean" your tumbled stones in or just as a beautiful decoration detail in the home.

Selenite is named after the Greek moon goddess Selene. It symbolizes gentleness, sensitivity and higher consciousness. Selenite lends itself to meditation and empowers the realization and trust that everything is born from the inner divine stillness and rest.

Good to know : Selenite is one of the "softest" crystals with a 2 on the Mohs scale of hardness (out of 10). Selenite is sensitive to impacts and sharp objects and should also not be washed in water if you want to keep the polished natural white shine of the surface.

Dimensions Small: height approx. 3.5 cm. Width approx. 8 cm
Dimensions Large: height approx. 3.5 cm. Width approx. 10.4 cm


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