Galaxite, labradorite

Universe, angels, transformation, miracles.

It is said that angels sent galaxit to earth to heal the people and the earth. Galaxite is a form of labradorite with microsparkles instead of the larger streaks of color. It sparkles like the Milky Way at night, like a galaxy of stars. Galaxit is named after Galax, a town in Virginia in the USA, where it was found. The galaxy wants to help us transform energy, move from negativity to positivity, become aware of life's miracles and experience synchronicity. Everything happens for a purpose that we may not always be able to understand. Let's continue to marvel at the Milky Way even as science continues to make amazing discoveries. Both sides are needed.

Chakra: heart and depending on color

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About Magic Stones, the crystal bookAbout Magic Stones, the crystal book

About Magic Stones, the crystal book

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