Golden healer, crystal hematoid

Soul star, soul's desire and meaning, Christ energy.

Golden healer or as it is also called crystal hematoid is quartz that gets its color primarily from iron. It is a crystal for the solar plexus chakra, for solar energy, success and confidence. But it is also a crystal for the eighth chakra located above the head. It is also sometimes called the "Soul star chakra" the place of our higher self, our soul star. It is said to help us purify our soul, get in touch with "Christ energy" and our soul's meaning. It helps us to unite with the divine will. It is also said to be a second chakra stone and support us to have integrity in our relationships and to be in touch with what is our soul's desire and meaning.

Chakra: solar plexus, crown

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Golden Healer, honed AA qualityGolden Healer, honed AA quality

Golden Healer, honed AA quality

From 90.00 SEK
Golden healer, ground piece

Golden healer, ground piece

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About Magic Stones, the crystal bookAbout Magic Stones, the crystal book

About Magic Stones, the crystal book

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