Intention bracelet

Crystal Room Intention Bracelet

We have the pleasure of producing bracelets with a combination of stones for different intentions or purposes made and designed by the Crystal Room team.

Each bracelet has a number of different crystals and stones for what they are meant to bring out in your life. By letting the stones rest against the skin, you give yourself and your body the vibrations of the etheric energy from the stones included. The stones are carefully selected and arranged to give the best possible feel and look.
All the bracelets are produced from real crystals, silver beads, the Crystal Room's silver logo and a strong elastic thread because it is a simple, stylish and stylish way to wear the bracelet close to the skin without unnecessary metal parts.
The bracelets are approximately 18.5 cm long and fit most wrists. If you want a longer or shorter bracelet, it is fine to special order. Write on the message line to customer service at checkout when you place your order.

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