Cobalt Aura quartz

Contemplation, curing twilight, stillness of the soul

The magically dark blue and iridescent Aura quartz cobalt is partly man-made. Cobalt Aura crystals are produced through a secret recipe where you heat up the pure quartz crystals and add the elements cobalt and titanium in gasified form. The process causes the quartz to unite with the other minerals and a completely new stone is the result. Cobalt Aura quartz is a twilight stone. In Sweden, we call the twilight moment "kura twilight". It is a magical moment for introspection. Nature quiets down, the wind howls, the birds muffle their chirps claiming territory. Cobalt Aura quartz us the feeling of having to sink into ourselves and get in touch with our soul, our innermost being and rest there for a while. Just as dusk opens up to the night, cobalt aura quartz opens us up to deep contemplation and relaxation. Awakening the inner vision gives energy, alertness and also works as an antidepressant. Cobalt Aura quartz supports you to get in touch with your higher self and based on your wisdom make new decisions and leave the old behind.

Chakra: forehead

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