The lava rock

The Power of Fire ✦ let go ✦ freedom from fear

Lava rock is the black and porous rock that lava solidifies into under certain circumstances. It can also be called basalt. The lava rock can often have pits and cavities in it and be compact black to varying shades of gray. Earth's different volcanoes produce different types of lava rock. The property of the lava stone is to give us the fire and power back. It strengthens people who are going through changes, need to let go of the old and receive the new with an open mind. You can have the lava stone in your medicine bag when you ask the fire for help in your life, when you want to get rid of depressive behaviors and negative thoughts that hold you back. The lava stone is a piece of materialized fire. It tells you not to be afraid. It's just a change that happens…

Chakra: Earth star and base chakra

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