Receptivity ✦ the goddess ✦ mystery

The moonstone reminds us of the quiet power of patience and waiting in confidence. It gets its name from the moon light that guides us at night. Just like the moon and like your inner wisdom, the moonstone reflects back the light that falls on it in a beautiful and magical shimmer. The nature of the moonstone is receptivity and acceptance, to observe in silence the events of life, the changes of the seasons, the movement of the day between night and day. It watches over you and illuminates the darkness so you can find your way home. The moonstone protects us in the different cycles of life. It is often used as a talisman for fertility and pregnancy, helping us navigate night and day, the cycles of nature and the mystery of life.

Moonstone is available as white, black, gray and peach. The peach color stands for fertility, the white for the full moon and the moonlight (a cycle becomes complete) and the black for the new moon or black moon (when you can start new projects)

Month stone: June

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Chakra: navel, heart, crown

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