Merlinite, Mysterious Merlinite or Indigo gabbro

Transformation    wisdom    challenge

Mystic Merlinite is a stone for spiritual development and for getting to know the darkness within us. Indigo gabbro is said to bring out your dark sides, your weaknesses but also help you feel your strengths and your light. Become aware and ready with who you are. Do not be afraid of the Dark. It is beautiful when you are present to it. Learn to relax in the dark, embrace it, let yourself fall into it. Understand your driving forces. Give yourself patience, and your wisdom and light will grow. With the help of the Mysterious Merlinite, you can attract and see the teacher and teachings you need. Indigo Gabbro gives you presence, space and patience to take care of the depth and darkness. For those who want to evolve into a light bearer, a person who can transform negativity into positivity, a shaman, priestess or some type of therapist, mystical merlinite can help you get in touch with your darkness so that your wisdom can increase. Meditate with a Mystic Merlinite at the root chakra and one at the crown chakra.

Chakra: root and crown chakra

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