Milk quartz, Agate white

Light grace ✦ forgiveness

White agate can also be called Snow Quartz or Milk Quartz. The gentle light that the white agate spreads gives confidence and trust in the simple and down-to-earth. It is associated with the Tibetan goddess White Tara, motherhood and the nourishing breast milk. Milk quartz, snow quartz, which is also called white quartz or white agate, gives us an emotionally calming and soft energy. It supports your presence and your wonder at the magic of life in the everyday. Softly approaching all aspects of life is the medicine of this beautiful stone. The magic of snow quartz is stillness, forgiveness and grace. Wear this white beautiful stone when you want to let the Medicine of Forgiveness, one of the greatest healing forces in man, give its power to you. White agate relates to all chakras and mainly the crown chakra.

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